November 28, 2022


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2022 Cyberdeck Challenge: Cyberpack VR

Emotion confined by the “traditional” cyberdeck sort element, [adam] decided to make a little something a tiny bigger with his Cyberpack VR. If you’ve at any time dreamed of remaining a WiFi-geared up porcupine, then this is the cyberdeck you have been waiting around for.

Craving the upgradability and utility of a desktop in a much more portable format, [adam] took an previous commuter backpack and squeezed in a Home windows 11 Laptop, Raspberry Pi, multiple wifi networks, an ergonomic keyboard, a Quest VR headset, and ample antennas to attract the notice of the FCC. The abundance of network hardware is because of to [adam]’s “new interest: a further knowing of wifi, and handle of my personal residence network even if my teenage young children turn into hackers.”

The Quest is set up to operate numerous virtual shows by means of Immersed, and you can take it easy on the couch although leaving the bag on the floor close by with the excess lengthy umbilical. A person of the neat details of this create is repurposing the bag’s external helmet mount to connect the terminal device when not in use. Other facts we love are the toggle switches and actually integrated look of the antenna connectors and USB ports. The way these features are integrated into the bag tends to make it really feel borderline natural – all the superior for your cyborg chic.

For much more WiFi backpacking goodness you might be interested in the Pwnton Pack. We’ve also coated other non-traditional cyberdecks which includes the Steampunk Cyberdeck and the Galdeano. If you have your personal cyberdeck, you have until eventually September 30th to post it to our 2022 Cyberdeck Obstacle!