January 29, 2023


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2022 Cyberdeck Contest: A Chorded-Keyboard Wearable Cyberdeck

Those of us who are unreformed hunt-and-peck typists are usually baffled by the keyboard competencies of these with extra official coaching. Household row? Particular fingers for particular keys? The head boggles. And chorded keyboards? Which is straight-up witchcraft!

But, there are occasions when only a chorded keyboard will do, this sort of as when you want to establish a wrist-wearable cyberdeck like this a single. It is called the ComputeDeck-B3, and it arrives to us from [Nate Damen], better recognized as somebody who goes about with a Tv on their head, which sort of fits with the overall product immersion this cyberdeck allows.

The deck is created to in good shape on the forearm in the position of operate — mainly, the posture your arm, wrist, and hand just take on normally when all the things is calm. There is a modest screen mounted at a good angle for viewing, but the star of the show is the keyboard. The fingers slip within a slot to come across 3 mechanical crucial switches positioned for each and every finger. It appears to be like the thought is to use the finger pad, fingertip, and fingernail to push every important, and then to press various combinations of keys to make particular figures. The thumb is not remaining out of the motion there is a five-situation “hat switch” found correct where by the thumb in a natural way falls, to include to the input alternatives. The brief online video below provides a tour and some qualifications on design and style aims, and why this isn’t actually a PipBoy.

For as much as chording isn’t our issue, we can see how this could function for enter on the fly. And we have to compliment [Nate] on shelling out awareness to ergonomics right here, even while extending the fingers to push the nail buttons would seem like a to some degree unnatural motion. We’d enjoy a comply with-up on this soon after he’s experienced some time to set it by way of its paces.