March 27, 2023


Best Technology Perfection

2022 Cyberdeck Contest: QAZ Personal Terminal

The slabtop sort aspect has had a resurgence in the cyberdeck community, and [Greg Leo] has developed the QAZ Individual Terminal to be about as compact as a slabtop could be even though nonetheless possessing full-sized keys.

Because the product is utilizing a 35% QAZ keyboard as its major input unit, [Leo] has helpfully offered a swift overview of how text is input in the video clip below. Coupled with that surprisingly preferred 4:1 Lcd screen we have observed somewhere else, this cyberdeck appears like a fashionable interpretation of a TRS-80 Design 100. The Banana Pi powering the QAZ Private Terminal is running Debian with spectrwm, a tiling window supervisor generating arranging home windows a breeze with possibly a mouse or keyboard. The built-in mouse layer on the keyboard means you never want a separate mouse at all if you really don’t want to spoil the 1980s mobile stylish.

[Leo] has yet another online video all about accomplishing calculus on this cyberdeck with the math shortcuts integrated into the keyboard. Fractions, exponents, and popular Greek letters are shown. We can see this remaining a genuinely great be aware-having device for engineering and math classes if you desired anything much more transportable than a laptop computer.

It is difficult to get quite considerably hacking without a very little math. For far more math-concentrated input products, verify out the Mathboard or the MCM/70.