November 28, 2022


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2022 Cyberdeck Contest: The Hosaka MK I Connects You To Cyberspace, Neuromancer Style

It is tricky to pin down particularly what a cyberdeck is, as we have witnessed by the large range of patterns submitted to our 2022 Cyberdeck Contest. The most standard necessity is that it is a form of moveable computer system, typically with a futuristic, cyberpunk-design structure, but further than that, anything at all goes. The unique principle was introduced in William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer, in which it refers to moveable devices utilised to hook up to cyberspace. The design of the ‘decks is not described in depth, but we do know that Situation, the protagonist, makes use of a Hosaka laptop which is supposedly “next year’s most costly model”.

Impressed by Gibson’s novel, [Chris] built and crafted the Hosaka MK I “Sprawl Edition” as he imagined it would have looked in the Sprawl universe. The consequence is an extraordinary piece of retro-futuristic hardware with plenty of chunky tumbler switches, uncovered metallic screws, and even a shoulder strap. Processing ability is provided by a Raspberry Pi, with enter and output happening via a 7″ touchscreen. There is also an ESP32, which controls a set of RGB LEDs on the back again as perfectly as an FM radio module.

The Hosaka’s operation can even be prolonged by adding modules to the side, which will snap into place many thanks to a set of neodymium magnets integrated into the housing. The entire circumstance is 3D printed, and a whole established of .stl information is available for obtain, while [Chris] warns that the bigger components could possibly be way too massive for some 3D printers: the entire point barely suits inside of his Prusa MK3s.

We have noticed quite a few cyberdeck creators that aimed to recreate Gibson’s eyesight: the XMT-19 Cutlass is one case in point, as is the massive NX-Yamato. If you have intended your have, be positive to submit it to this year’s contest.