February 5, 2023


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3D Printed Strain Wave Gearbox

3D-printed gearboxes are always an exciting design and style obstacle, specially if you want to make them compact. [ZeroBacklash] produced a minor strain wave gearbox (harmonic push) for when you want to trade pace for torque on NEMA 17 stepper motors.

Pressure wave gears get the job done by deforming a stationary versatile spline into an ellipse so the tooth engage the inner tooth of the output spline. Add a couple of added teeth on the output aspect, and you get a superior-reduction gearbox with less sections and reduced volume than equal spur gearing. Trying to keep the adaptable spline stationery is attained by building 50 % of it interact with a stationary spline with the exact variety of tooth.

In this case, there are 60 tooth on the enter facet and 62 on the output, providing a gear ratio of 30:1. The flexible spline is deformed utilizing a set of bearing balls and an elliptical plug on the shaft of the motor. It tends to make for a compact layout that matches the frontal dimensions of the stepper motor and is only about 27 mm extended. [ZeroBacklash] has not unveiled any style information, but the strategy should be basic to replicate.

We have highlighted a couple of 3D printed harmonic drives of different measurements, but they commonly use a pair of ball bearings as the wave generators, which doesn’t lend by itself properly to scaled-down models.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=-wFO_AbnbZQ