March 27, 2023


Best Technology Perfection

An Open Hardware Automatic Spinning Machine

The team at the Berlin-based Studio HILO has been working on strategies and resources around building a a lot more open up solution to smaller-scale textile creation environments. Leveraging open up-source platforms and applications, the group has arrive up with a simple open up hardware spinning device that can be employed for interactive yarn production, suitable on the desktop. The frame is designed with 3030 profile aluminium extrusions, with a handful of 3D printed, and a smidge of laser slice components. Movement is many thanks to, you guessed it, NEMA 17 stepper motors and the after ubiquitous Arduino Mega 2560 as well as RAMPS 1.4 combination that a lot of persons will be incredibly acquainted with.

The challenge truly shines on the documentation side of things, with the venture GitLab positively dripping with perfectly-organised information. A single minimal niggle is that you are going to have to have entry to a polyjet or incredibly correct multi-substance 3D printer to operate off the travel wheel and the related trailing wheel. We’re positive there’s a simple adequate way to do it with out all those resources, for these sufficiently motivated.

We appreciated the use of Arduino for the firmware, trying to keep things uncomplicated, and in the very same vein, Processing for the user interface. That will make sending values from the on-display screen slider controls more than the USB a piece of cake. Processing does not feel to pop up on these webpages way too typically, which is a disgrace as it is a terrific software to have at one’s disposal. On the subject matter of the consumer interface, it appears like for now only basic parameters can be tweaked on the fly, with some far more subtle parameters needing fixing at firmware compilation time. With a bit extra time, we’re absolutely sure the task will flesh out a bit a lot more, and that spot will be improved.

Of study course, if you only have raw fibers, that are not appropriately aligned, you need a carder, like this one particular perhaps?

Many thanks [Daniel] for the idea!