January 29, 2023


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Aqua PCB Is A Big Upgrade For The Mattel Aquarius

In situation you weren’t around in the 80s, or you transpired to blink, you may possibly have skipped the Mattel Aquarius personal computer. [Nick Bild] has a soft location in his coronary heart for the device although and constructed the Aqua cartridge to make the Aquarius into a more usable machine.

At first equipped with a mere 4 KB of RAM and a small, rubbery keyboard, it is not as well surprising that the Aquarius only lasted 5 months on the marketplace. [Nick] made the decision on the cartridge slot to beef up the specs of this tiny machine offered the tiny range of enlargement ports on the product. Including 32 KB of RAM certainly presents it a raise, and he also intended an SD card interface called Aqua Create that connects to the Aqua cartridge for quickly transferring documents from a additional present day device.

The Aqua Produce works by using an Arduino Mega 2560 to deal with moving knowledge amongst the SD card and the system’s memory. This is difficult somewhat due to the fact a “PLA sits amongst the Z80 and information bus that XORs data with a software package lock code (initialized to a random price on startup).” [Nick] will get all over this by jogging a small method to overwrite the lock code to zero just after startup.

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