January 29, 2023


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Beehive In A Bottle | Hackaday

One particular of the most frequent forms of beekeeping hive is dependent all-around the Langstroth hive, to start with patented in the United States in 1852. Though it does have some good features like movable frames, the march of history has progressed considerably when this core of beekeeping procedures has improved incredibly minor. But that seriously just implies that beekeeping as a hobby is rife with opportunities for innovation, and [Advoko] is groundbreaking his possess present day fashion of beehive.

In nature, bees like to stay within of things like hollowed-out tree trunks, so he has modeled his hive structure after that by basing it all over big inverted plastic bottles. Bees can enter in the opening at the bottle and build their comb inside of from the top rated down. The bottles can be shut and moved easily without having contacting the bees, and he even results in honey supers out of scaled-down bottles which makes it possible for honey to be harvested without the need of disturbing the main beehive.There are a amount of techniques to enhance the bees’ keep in the bottles as effectively, such as giving them wood skewers in the bottle to construct their comb on and closing the bottles in insulation to assistance the hives regulate their temperature far more evenly and to continue to keep them dim.

He hopes this notion will aid inspire those with an interest in the passion who would not usually have the substantial amount of cash it will take to established up even a few Langstroth-style hives. Even if you really don’t dwell in a aspect of the earth where the Langstroth hive is prevalent, this system continue to should really be feasible to get up and jogging with a minimum amount of economic financial investment. Once you’ve commenced, however, acquire a glance at some other builds which increase the hive with some monitoring technological know-how.


Many thanks to [Keith Olson] for the idea!