February 9, 2023


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Cheap Scope Troubleshoots Commodore | Hackaday

[Adrian] had a Commodore pc to deal with and determined to see how his newest tiny moveable scope would do the job. He paid $57 for the little tiny take a look at instrument despite the fact that the present-day selling price appears to be higher. It promises to have 120MHz bandwidth alongside with 500 megasamples for every second. There are various variations with distinct claimed specs, but we did uncover a very similar unit for below $60. You can see the unboxing and how it worked in the movie below.

Of course, these kinds of devices often overstate their specs, and [Adrian] was also suspicious. A single odd element of the product is it can echo its output to an NTSC movie output so you can send out the screen to an external watch.

If you want to skip the scope unboxing, forward up to about 19 minutes to see the within of the Commodore 64. The scope was quickly enough for scanning the chips in the laptop or computer and disclosed a suspicious handle line. The line went to a PLA and a mux chip, neither of which ended up in sockets. He clipped the PLA out of the circuit, and the handle line started out searching ordinary. So the summary was the PLA was useless.

Just after that, it was easy to take out the chip and substitute it. Very well, technically, replace it with a socket to make a long term fix less difficult. Will a $57 scope substitute your massive benchtop instrument? Maybe not. But it was a practical software for troubleshooting.

Even if you really don’t want a affordable scope, you can find out a ton from [Adrian’s] thoughtful troubleshooting and investigation if you are faced with any electronic repair service job. We do like low-cost scopes all over in this article. It is incredible how substantially scope $100 will acquire now compared to just a several many years back.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=Uqrel5fQpK4