November 28, 2022


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Current Loop Extends Wired Microphones Past 1 Km

A issue which beset early phone engineers was that as the duration of their traces improved, so did the distortion of whatsoever sign they needed to transmit. This was corrected as soon as they had received an knowledge of the capacitance and inductance of a extensive cable. The same outcomes hamper attempts to spot microphones on extensive strains, and [Leo’s Bag of Tricks] has a resolution for performing that employing Cat5 cable. The software is audio surveillance, but we think the system is helpful adequate to have application elsewhere.

The remedy which you can see in the movie down below the crack will be common to teletype aficionados who have encountered latest loops, in that it generates an analogue latest loop. There is a standing DC present-day in the tens of miliamperes, and this has the audio imposed on it by an amplifier and  shunt transistor. The audio can be conveniently retrieved working with a pair of small transformers, foremost to successful transfer above as significantly of a kilometer of Cat5 cable. We’re guessing it’s not very audiophile top quality, but it is valuable to know that a current glimpse can be just as helpful in the analogue domain as in the digital. If the matter pursuits you, we did a attribute on them a couple many years in the past.