November 28, 2022


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Everything You Wanted To See About Restoring A 1956 Radio

Ever desired a superior, excellent glimpse at the insides of a 1950s radio, together with great commentary on the internals and the goal of many factors? Then never skip [Adam Wilson]’s fix and restoration of a 1956 Philips 353A, a undertaking produced simpler by a digitized copy of the service manual. [Adam] delivers masses of wonderful photographs, as perfectly as ideas on what it usually takes to bring vintage electronics back again to daily life. What’s not to like?

Classic electronics like this are generally chock-full of factors that deteriorate with age, so one doesn’t basically utilize power to see if it nevertheless functions as a initially step. These gadgets need to have to be inspected and serviced right before electric power is ever used. Even then, powerup should really be done with a current-managed source that can be shut down if anything at all would seem amiss.

Thank goodness for high quality, digitized support manuals.

Products like these mainly predate printed circuit boards, so just one can be expecting to see a lot of position-to-place soldering. Vacuum tubes did considerably of the tough operate, so they are present as an alternative of built-in circuits and transistors. Capacitors in the microfarads ended up substantially larger sized as opposed to their modern equivalents, and paper/wax capacitors (virtually made from rolled-up paper included in wax) dealt with capacitances in the nanofarad variety instead of the very little ceramic disk caps of these days.

1 issue that served immensely is the beforehand-stated Philips 353A company guide, which consists of not only a chassis and element structure, but even has servicing procedures these as wire substitute for the tuning dial. Back then, a tuning dial was an electromechanical assembly that made use of a winding of cord to rotate the tuning capacitor, and replacing it was a fiddly system. If only all hardware was documented so perfectly!

The conclusion result appears to be like excellent and nonetheless has good sound. As a ultimate tweak, [Adam] extra an external audio input cable as a nod to the present day age. Now, we have in the previous found a compact LED display screen integrated convincingly into an antique, but in this scenario [Adam] retained the original glimpse completely intact. You can see it in action, participating in some Frank Sinatra in the small movie embedded down below. at?v=KQGpVpJnTwM