March 25, 2023


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Hackaday Links: March 12, 2023

With a very long heritage of virtually common loathe for their merchandise, you’d imagine printer brands would by now have identified means to back off from the procedures that only appear to be to hold aggravating clients. But relatively than make it a fiscally wiser choice to throw out a printer and acquire a new a single than to invest in new ink cartridges or toners, companies retain coming up with new and devious methods to piss customers off. Circumstance in point: Hewlett-Packard now would seem to be bricking printers with 3rd-celebration ink cartridges. Reports from users say that a new mistake concept has popped up on screens of printers with non-HP cartridges set up warning that additional use of the printer has been blocked. Earlier, printers just warned about likely quality concerns from non-HP consumables, but now they’re primarily bricked till you cough up the income for legit HP cartridges. Consumers who have contacted HP support say that they had been explained to the improve happened because of a the latest firmware update despatched to the printer, so that’s comforting.

In other news of corporate unpleasantness, if you have purchased into the Ring ecosystem, get ready to take out your wallet. The Amazon-owned maker of the wildly and inexplicably common doorbell cameras is set to lock some formerly no cost options powering a paywall. Starting off March 29, customers will have to sign up for a Ring Secure membership for $3.99 for every month to access possibly the Home or Absent modes inside the Ring smartphone app. If you do not want to pony up, you’ll nevertheless be equipped to command your Ring digicam, but only locally via their Ring Keypad, which is really significantly a offer killer for everyone employing their camera to observe their house remotely.

It appears like it is very little that requires to be said, but just in scenario, shining a laser at an plane in flight is a Actually Undesirable Idea™. Which is why we have been shocked to see an article about proposed laws to make it a felony to flash a aircraft or helicopter. But a minimal additional reading through makes the situation distinct, as the proposed invoice from the Colorado legislature aims to make it a state felony to aim a laser at an aircraft. Presently, there’s no state-level statute that’s equal to the federal prohibition against lasing a plane, which signifies any studies have to be taken care of by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, which rather significantly usually means that the flasher is not very likely to be caught. Adding a point out statute will permit the local police or sheriff react, building it substantially extra very likely to catch anyone. So it makes perception, but it even now leaves us wanting to know why states have not by now tackled this challenge.

Then again, what’s it all subject when there’s an asteroid out there that could collide with Earth in 2046? Chill out, it is a tiny a single it is said to be the dimension of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which has to be one particular of the weirdest units of measure we’ve listened to recently. And even although it’s still about 18 million kilometers absent from us, NASA’s possibility evaluation for the house rock, dubbed 2023 DW, is exceedingly lower. The current chance issue on the Torino scale — which we only just acquired about thanks to this report — is 1, which usually means that there’s in essence no danger of collision. So you can loosen up on this just one, but if you ever hear another person conversing about something about a Torino 7 hazard, you could want to stock up on canned goods.

And eventually, if this kind of dire news ever arrives to pass, greater hope you are not driving a new Ford Mustang. That’s simply because Ford has declared that their fabled pony vehicle will be a part of the increasing number of automobiles where by AM radio is no longer an infotainment alternative. The change is established to start out with the 2024 design year. We’ve received to say we discover this a puzzling choice the infotainment technique in fashionable autos has bought to be SDR based, so the extra components needed to help AM reception must be near to zero. And as the above posting details out, there’s a community basic safety part to this, because 90% of the US population is coated by just 75 AM stations. This would seem like one of those people issues that could have surprising repercussions, and unpleasant ones at that.