January 29, 2023


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Hackaday Prize 2022: An Easy-To-Build Fermenter For Tempeh

[Maud Bausier] and [Antoine Jaunard] feel we need to all know about tempeh — a conventional Indonesian foods manufactured out of legumes fermented with fungi. To simplify the procedure a little bit: you get some soybeans, incorporate a tempeh starter fungi society to them, ferment them a although, and out arrives the tempeh. It’s a terrific source of proteins that is reasonably uncomplicated to expand on your personal. Just one catch, although — you do need to have a selected variety of climate to have it create properly. This is why [Maud] and [Antoine] are bringing a tempeh fermenter layout to this year’s Hackaday Prize.

Ready tempeh disks cut into long pieces, showing the cross-section of some. It looks pretty tasty!This fermenter’s controller drives a heating aspect, which adheres to a pre-programmed fermentation cycle. It also has a admirer for airflow and retaining the warmth uniform.

The fermenter itself is a compact desktop equipment with a laser-slice scenario aided by some CNC-reduce and 3D-printed pieces, electronics getting a simple tailor made PCB coupling a Pi Pico with widely-out there modules. This is evidently a task for anyone with obtain to hackerspace or fab lab methods, but of training course, all of the documents are on GitHub.

The moment created, this structure allows you to develop tempeh disks in dwelling conditions on a smaller scale. It would seem the style and design is typically finalized, but if you’d like to listen to information about this challenge, they have a blog site and a Mastodon feed with some current updates.

We have protected a total good deal of fermentation-relevant hacks around these decades. Most of them have been alcoholic beverages-related, but each individual now and then we see men and women building fermentation tools for other food items resources, like vinegar, yogurt and sourdough. Now, getting witnessed this fermenter, we have realized of one extra food hacking route to examine. This job is one particular of 10 finalists for our most recent Hackaday Prize round, Local climate-Resilient Communities. It is a effectively-deserved gain, and we can’t wait to see where by it goes!