January 29, 2023


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Hackaday Prize 2022: An Old (and Distinguished) Camera Learns New Tricks

In the 1950s the significant Hollywood studios essential amazing cinematic systems for their epic flicks, to both of those see off the threat from tv, and to differentiate on their own from their competitors. For most of them this meant much larger screens and hence greater body movie, and for Paramount, this meant VistaVision. [Steve Switaj] is doing work on 1 of the first VistaVision cameras made for the studio in the 1950s, and shares with us some of the history and the work needed to update its electronics for the 2020s.

VistaVision alone experienced a comparatively limited lifestyle, but the cameras had been retrieved from storage in the 1980s simply because their houses created them suitable for exclusive effects get the job done. This generally analog upgrade components on this a single experienced died, so he established to and intended a PIC based mostly substitution. Unexpectedly it employs via-gap parts for ease of replacement working with sockets, and it replaces a mechanical brake fitted to the 1980s improve with an electronic pull back on the suitable reel motor.

The whole matter tends to make for an appealing delve into some motion picture heritage, and also a prospect to see some tech most of us will never come upon even if we have a issue for movie cameras.