January 29, 2023


Best Technology Perfection

Hackaday Prize 2022: Recycled Plastic Skateboard Decks Demonstrate Small-Scale Injection Molding

Injection molding is typically concentrated on substantial-quantity production, but that does not generally will need to be the scenario. The Recycled Plastic Skateboard Deck challenge facilities on the use of injection molding for a relatively lower-volume creation line making use of open-source tooling.

RPSD is element of the Important Plastics ecosystem and employs the present and open-source shredder and extruder to change domestically-sourced plastic waste into melted plastic. The core of the tooling is in the aluminum CNC-machined top, base, and edge mold sections bolted to a thick metal aid framework that give the skateboard deck its condition. The edge part defines the deck’s perimeter, and 64 cartridge heaters are inserted into it to provide the mold up to temperature. The mold is mounted on a scissor lift system to let it to be aligned with the extruder, and temperature regulate electronics are housed in a laser-lower metal enclosure, which is bolted to the base of the mold construction.

To be crystal clear, this is not a low-cost way to make a pair of skateboard decks, but alternatively a way for small stores to do injection molded decks in-home. At ~$7500 for the parts of this fairly big mould, excluding the extruder, you’d still have to sell pretty a few decks to make it economically viable.

Whilst smaller-scale injection molding has develop into a great deal more available, the charge of machined steel molds will stay high for the foreseeable potential. However, if you only require small, flexible pieces, you could in all probability do it for under $50 employing 3D printed molds and silicone.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=E81GVMo-pBE