February 5, 2023


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Hackaday Prize 2022: Solar Powered LoRa Weather Station For The Masses

[Debasish Dutta] has intended a few climate stations in the past, and this, the fourth variation of the program has experienced several of the feature requests from previous users rolled in. The station is meant to be utilised with an exterior climate sensor device, supplied by Sparkfun. This handles wind speed and route, as perfectly as measuring rainfall. A custom PCB hosts an ESP32-WROOM module and an Ai-Thinker Ra-02 LoRa module for control and connectivity respectively. A PMS5003 sits on the PCB to measure those people particulate densities, but most sensors are related with uncomplicated 4-way I2C connectors. Temperature, humidity, and stress are handled by a BME280 module, UV Index (SI1145), visible light (BH1750) even soil humidity and temperature with a cable-mounted SHT10 module.

All this is driven by a solar panel, which prices a 18650 cell, and keeps the display working through the darker several hours. For debugging and deployment, a USB-C energy port can also be utilized to give charge. A 3D printed Stevenson display screen kind enclosure will allow the air to circulate among the PCB-mounted sensor modules, without having hopefully as well a lot humidity producing it in there to result in mischief.

On the information assortment and visualization aspect, a companion LoRa receiver module is in progress, which is supposed to move alongside measurements to a wide range of solutions. Assume House Assistant, ESP household, and that kind of thing. Software program is still a get the job done in progress, so probably check again later to see how [Debasish] is finding on with that?

This sort of multi-sensor web hosting venture is absolutely nothing new here, here’s a 2019 Hackaday prize entry together the identical traces. Of course, accumulating and logging measurement information is only portion of the trouble, visualization of individuals measurements is also critical. Why not use a mechanical strategy, these types of as a diorama?