February 9, 2023


Best Technology Perfection

Honor Your Hacker Heroes | Hackaday

We lately ran an short article on a sweet percussion system manufactured by small-hardware-synth-madman [Gijs Gieskes]. In essence, it amplifies up an analog meter motion and performs it by slamming it into the close stops. Rhythmically, and in stereo. It’s got that lovely thud, in addition the ringing of the springs. It requires what is normally a signal that something’s horribly improper and would make a soundtrack out of it. I enjoy it.

[Gijs] has been creating electro-mechanical musical hacks for about as prolonged as I have been reading through Hackaday, if not longer. We’ve prepared up no much less than 22 of his projects, and the to start with 1 on history is from 2005: an LSDJ-primarily based components sequencer. All of his tasks are basic, but every one particular has a greatly intelligent thought at its main that will come from a deep appreciation of anything going on around us. Have you seen that VU meters make a individual twang when they strike the partitions? Absolutely sure you have. Have you created a percussion instrument out of it? [Gijs] has!

It’s possible it’s a tiny realization, and it is not heading to change the earth by alone, but I have rebuilt a lot more than a couple assignments from [Gijs]’ repertoire, and just about every a single has manufactured my existence additional exciting. And if you’re a frequent Hackaday reader, you’ve likely viewed hundreds or countless numbers of equivalent tiny wonderful strategies performed out, and perhaps even taken some of them on as your individual as nicely. When they accumulate up, I feel they can alter the world, at minimum in the sense of filling up a geek’s lifestyle. I hope that feeling arrives across when we generate up a project. Those of you out there hacking, we salute you!