February 9, 2023


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It’s 2022 and blockchain smartphones still make no sense

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Most persons will agree that the smartphone market is in desperate will need of disruption. Outside of the foldable current market, we have noticed very very little in terms of innovation and function differentiation above current a long time. So when a younger startup with a pedigreed group announces that it’s making a smartphone to challenge that standing quo, it’s tough not to get a minimal bit fired up.

That’s precisely what happened when we very first heard about the privacy-centered OSOM OV1 smartphone past calendar year. In situation you’re unfamiliar with the OSOM manufacturer, it’s a new startup set up by former Necessary personnel.

Earlier this week, we finally received to learn a lot more about the OSOM OV1, which has now been delayed to early 2023. The machine characteristics high-conclude, flagship-quality technical specs, with a good $1,000 selling price tag to match. In a significant twist, on the other hand, OSOM is no more time advertising the OV1 as its own products. In its place, it has partnered with Solana, a blockchain organization.

OSOM has pivoted from creating a privacy-centric smartphone to one particular with blockchain integrations.

The Solana Saga, as it’s now identified as, promises to involve “unique functionality and functions tightly built-in with the Solana blockchain”. That is absolutely a huge pivot from OSOM’s original goal of just providing a privacy and safety-centric Android smartphone. But does this new target make any sense? Let us break it down.

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What does the Solana Saga hope to complete?

Solana saga blockchain phone

If you’re pondering what makes the Solana Saga any unique from earlier niche blockchain/cryptocurrency smartphones, it’s not accurately clear. Searching by means of the formal site, you will chance across some option offers like “re-imagining internet3 for mobile” and “removing friction for self-custody.” We the moment heard related just one-dimensional promises from companies like HTC and Sirin Labs. Unnecessary to say, people endeavors didn’t triumph.

The good thing is, some even more digging reveals that the business has also introduced a application progress package dubbed the Solana Cell Stack. In a nutshell, it provides Android developers the instruments needed to create secure cryptocurrency wallets and Web3 applications. You can assume of the stack as related to Google Mobile Services (GMS), but for a far, considerably more niche use case.

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As you’d anticipate, the Solana Cell Stack will be pre-mounted on every single Solana Saga. This will also make it possible for consumers to retailer their cryptocurrency wallet keys in a secure enclave on the system. Notably, this is the similar protection mechanism other Android telephones use to safeguard delicate knowledge like fingerprints.

Solana expects builders to make cryptocurrency wallets and apps for its approaching smartphone.

But does the average cryptocurrency user will need a devoted blockchain smartphone to facilitate very simple transactions? Not actually. You can now use decentralized apps (dApps) on just about any Android product, have NFTs with application wallets, and make cryptocurrency payments by using a internet browser. Confident, you may sacrifice a bit of security but no one retains their life’s price savings on a mobile cellphone anyway.

Regardless of present options, CEO Anatoly Yakovenko would seem to feel that Solana has a thing exclusive to offer. In a web site article accompanying the Saga’s start, he wrote:

…Every working day, I listen to tales of persons leaving dinners, conferences, and holidays to get back again to their computer systems and sign important transactions. The mints, trades, listings, and transfers critical to the daily lifestyle of crypto-lovers are dragging us absent from our lives with other people. The only corporations with the sources to materialize the self-custody mobile potential we’re all dreaming of, Apple and Google, have had no updates to give on their roadmaps for crypto.

In other text, Solana statements that it will do what Google and Apple won’t — bake an whole ecosystem of crypto applications and activities instantly into the phone’s computer software. No matter if that is a good concept or not continues to be to be viewed.

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Why blockchain smartphones really do not make sense

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If there is anything we know for guaranteed, it’s that the demand for blockchain smartphones hasn’t seriously grown considering the fact that 2018 when the HTC Exodus initially broke include. In reality, you could argue that it makes even much less sense now. Web3 and NFTs have develop into exceptionally contentious matters these days and it is not hard to see why both. Numerous believe that the industry is flooded with 50 percent-baked and buggy platforms, or worse, wholly fraudulent initiatives. And Solana has not managed to escape its share of controversy either.

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Above the previous few months, the Solana blockchain has experienced various community outages because of to a wide variety of software glitches, blocking people from transacting for as extensive as 18 several hours. For a lot of, the enchantment of blockchain know-how hinges on transparency, reliability, and decentralization. Solana hasn’t managed to produce on these fronts so far and has captivated loads of criticism for that.

Internet3 and NFTs have turn into contentious subjects, generating the Solana Saga a controversial smartphone with minimal attractiveness.

Holding all of this in mind, it’s hard to see a scenario in which the Solana Saga succeeds about other $1,000 smartphones. The Galaxy S22 sequence not only competes in the exact same rate vary but also gives Samsung’s extensive-proven Blockchain Keystore. The latter allows you to securely store cryptocurrency and interface with decentralized applications, not way too significantly off from Solana’s pitch. It’s also cryptocurrency-agnostic so you aren’t sure to Solana or any particular blockchain.

Do blockchain smartphones make perception?

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Back again in 2018, we opined that the Sirin Finney smartphone (pictured higher than) didn’t make a great deal feeling at its $1,000 cost tag. Have we occur comprehensive circle just 4 years later on with the Solana Saga? Only time will notify.