March 25, 2023


Best Technology Perfection

Levitating Banana Is An Excellent Conversation Starter

“I actually like your floating banana.” If that is something you have constantly required your friends to say when going to your residing area, this levitating banana project from [ElectroBing] is for you.

The style and design is easy. It depends on a electromagnet to lift the banana into the air. As bananas are not typically ferromagnetic, a straightforward bar magnet is fitted to the banana to allow for it to be captivated to the electromagnet. 1 could insert the magnets additional stealthily inside the banana, though this would arrive with the risk that somebody may perhaps accidentally consume them, which can be deadly.

Of program, usually, the magnet would either be far too weak to elevate the banana, or so solid that it merely attracted the banana till it made contact. To get the non-contact levitating outcome, some circuitry is expected. A corridor impact sensor is put in specifically underneath the electromagnet. As the banana’s magnet will get nearer to the electromagnet, the corridor effect sensor’s output voltage goes down. The moment it drops beneath a specified threshold, a handle circuit cuts ability to the electromagnet. As the banana falls absent, energy is restored, pulling the banana back again up. By diligently managing the electrical power to the electromagnet on a steady basis, the banana can be created to float a brief length absent in mid-air.

It is a exciting establish, and just one that teaches lots of handy lessons in both physics and electronics. Other levitation approaches exist, also, this kind of as by way of the use of ultrasound. Online video right after the split.