November 28, 2022


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Pi Pico W Does PCMCIA, Gets This IBM PC110 Online

Bringing modern-day connectivity to retro computer systems is an endearing industry- with the simplicity of last-century components and software remaining a double-edged sword, often, you deliver a effective and very small laptop of fashionable age to assistance its good-grandparent interface with networks of right now. [yyzkevin] exhibits us a PCMCIA WiFi card developed using a Pi Pico W, chatting PCI ISA. This card provides present day-day WiFi connectivity to his IBM Computer110, devoid of necessitating a individual router established up for outdated standards that the typical PCMCIA WiFi playing cards are minimal by.

The RP2040 is produced to chat PCI ISA making use of, of class, the PIO motor. A CPLD aids with PCI ISA deal with decoding, some multiplexing, and amount shifting among RP2040’s 3.3V and the PCI 5 V concentrations. The RP2040 computer software emulates a NE2000 network card, which implies driver assist is confirmed on most OSes of old occasions, and the program integration looks seamless. The card by now will work for acquiring the Laptop110 on the internet, and [yyzkevin] states he’d like to strengthen on it – shrink the structure so that it resembles a common PCMCIA WiFi card, tie some valuable perform into the Pico’s USB port, and most likely integrate his PCMCIA SoundBlaster job into the full bundle while at it.

This is a pleasant challenge in how it achieves its goal, and a pleasurable shock for anyone who’s been observing RP2040’s PIO motor conquer interfaces commonly unreachable for operate-of-the-mill microcontrollers. We’ve witnessed Ethernet, CAN and DVI, together numerous other individuals, and there is definitely much more to arrive.

We thank [Misel] and [Arti] for sharing this with us!