February 9, 2023


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Raspberry Pi Pico W Adds Wireless

Information just in from the individuals at Raspberry Pi: the latest variation of their Pico has WiFi and is named, definitely, the Pico W. We have been likely to get our fingers on a sample unit and kick its tires, but it’s caught in customs. Boo! So till it displays up, here’s what we can glean from the push releases and documentation.

The Pico is, of system, the Raspberry Pi microcontroller dev board centered on their RP2040 microcontroller. This in convert has two Cortex M0+ cores and a superior chunk of onboard RAM, which has produced it a well known focus on for MicroPython. They had some extra authentic estate on the PCB, so they’ve extra an Infineon CYW43439 WiFi chip, and voila: Pico W.

As of now, the WiFi is supported in the two the C SDK and the pre-baked MicroPython graphic. It seems to be trivially effortless to get it doing work, and it’s primarily based on the time-examined lwIP stack, a typical in the embedded world. The CYW43439 is also Bluetooth able, but there’s no firmware aid for that but, but we wouldn’t be astonished if it confirmed up quickly.

The selling price? $6 for the complete shooting match. You can view this two strategies: a tiny $2 premium about the previous Pico, or a price tag boost of 50%. How you see items possibly depends on your get quantity. Either way, it is firmly in the ESP32 module selling price variety, so you’ve received some comparison browsing to do if your project desires a microcontroller and WiFi. And in these times of silicon shortages, it is good to have a pair of options.