March 27, 2023


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“Reversing Shorts” Demystify Phone Security

Ever question what can make a cellphone&#8217s running procedure secure, or what that application you just mounted is saying about you powering your back again? In a manufacturer new video clip sequence, [Jiska] gives us a peek into various topics in smartphone software program reverse engineering.

For instance, her most recent video clip, embedded down below normally takes us via some actions to poke at Apple&#8217s RTKit OS, which is the realtime OS that operates inside most of their peripheral devices, such as AirBuds, but also on their even larger gadgets also.  We don&#8217t know much about RTKit OS, but [Jiska]&#8217s trick in this online video is to get a foothold by searching through two various RTKit OS variations and noting which symbols are prevalent &#8212 these are in all probability OS perform names. Now you&#8217ve got a little something to glance for.

Every of the video clips is brief, to the level, and incorporates great tips for possibly the intermediate-to-advanced reverser who is seeking to get into phones. Heck, even if you&#8217re not, her demonstrations of the Frida dynamic tracing instrument are worth your time.

And if you want a longer introduction into the internals of cellphones, we heartily suggest her chat, &#8220All Wi-fi Stacks Are Broken&#8220.