September 28, 2022


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Ride-on Star Wars Land Speeder Gets A Real Jet Engine

When it comes to children’s ride-on toys, the Star Wars Land Speeder is just one of the cooler illustrations out there. However, with weedy 12-volt motors, they undoubtedly don’t shift quickly. [Joel Creates] determined to take care of all that, hopping up his land speeder with a actual jet engine.

Initial, the authentic drivetrain was eliminated, with new wheels installed underneath. Initially, it was set up with the entrance wheels steering, though the rear wheels were remaining to caster freely. A RC jet engine was set up in the heart motor slot on the back again of the land speeder, and was managed by means of a common 2-channel RC transmitter.

The jet motor worked, but the wheel configuration led to the speeder merely performing donuts. With the speeder reconfigured with rear wheels locked in put, the speeder taken care of significantly extra predictably. Testing space was confined to a carpark, so substantial-speed running was out of the dilemma. However, dependent on the constrained tests achieved, it appears to be like as nevertheless the speeder would be capable of a respectable clip with the throttle maxed out.

It is not a sensible construct, but it absolutely sure seems like a enjoyable just one. [Joel Creates] has large dreams of adding two far more jet engines and getting it out to a runway for large-velocity testing, and which is one thing we’d appreciate to see.

RC jet engines are a little bit of a YouTube fad proper now, displaying up on almost everything from RC autos to Teslas. Online video following the break.