September 28, 2022


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Simple Internet Radio Transplant | Hackaday

Though we have a definite sweet spot in our hearts for analog radio, there are periods that just contact for a digital enhance. 1 of the downsides that can appear with this enhance is complexity. For case in point, the more software-minded amid us may well foundation their establish on the Tunes Player Daemon, and use a internet interface for regulate. But that’s not everyone’s notion of a excellent time, and particularly an older user of your gizmos may well truly enjoy a uncomplicated, tactile person interface. That’s the predicament [Blake Hannaford] was in, although building an Net powered radio for a person else.

The alternative was to take a common analog radio, the Tivoli Audio Model One particular, and give it a electronic makeover. Now in advance of you get labored up about wrecking the purity of a vintage radio, note that the Model One is a faux-common, manufactured in 2000. No antiques were harmed in the creating of this hack, and the exterior is in essence remaining stock — the only obvious modification being the taped-on tuner label.

Within it is a Raspberry Pi Zero, the Adafruit Audio Bonnet, and a 3D printed bracket to tie a variable potentiometer to the tuning knob. The initial quantity knob and speaker are re-utilized. As [Blake] claims, sometimes all you need to have is tuning and volume. Moreover, re-using the speaker indicates that the full unit nevertheless appears excellent. In some cases basic actually is very best.

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