February 9, 2023


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The First Microcomputer: The Q1

Quiz time, what was the first commercially out there microcomputer? The Altair 8800? Anything obscure like the SCELBI? The Mark-8 package? According to [The Byte Attic], it was essentially the Q1, centered on the Intel 8008 processor. The to start with Q1 microcomputer was delivered in December of 1972, earning it the very first, as considerably as he can explain to. Later revisions utilized the Z80 processor, which is the model pictured above that [The Byte Attic] has in his possession. It is a lovely very little device, with a placing orange plasma display.

The irony is that this machine is just about fully neglected about. The authentic device might have looked a lot more like a typewriter, pictured listed here. If you have any initially hand knowledge, or particularly application, documentation, or surviving components bits, make guaranteed to check out in to incorporate to the know-how pool about this remarkable very little device.

It is an vital milestone, and the enhancement of the Q1 may possibly have been a immediate lead to of Intel establishing the additional powerful 8080 microprocessor. It seems that Daniel Alroy’s get the job done on this equipment practically kicked off the microcomputer revolution, and it’s been lacking from our laptop lore for far too many decades. We’re extremely hopeful to see more of this tale arrive jointly, and the history of the Q1 absolutely recovered.

And if retro hardware is your jam, we’ve got you included, like between some others, the parallel tale about the initial microprocessor.