February 9, 2023


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This Scratch-Built X-Ray Tube Really Shines

On no planet is building your have X-ray tube a superior concept. But that doesn’t imply we’re not likely to chat about it, mainly because it’s pretty darn cool.

And when we say producing an X-ray tube, we signify it — [atominik] worked from uncooked products, like glass check tubes, tungsten welding electrodes, and bits of scrap metal, to make this dangerously pleasant tube. His device setup was minimalistic as well– exactly where we may possibly assume to see a glassblower’s lathe like the types applied by [Dalibor Farny] to make his custom Nixie tubes, [atominik] only experienced a smaller oxy-propane hand torch to perform with. The only other specialised instruments, aside from the noticeable vacuum pump, was a homebrew place welder, which was made use of to bond metallic parts to the tungsten wires utilised for the glass-to-metal seals.

Despite the fact that [atominik] made various versions, the ideal tube is a very hot cathode structure, with a thoriated tungsten cathode inside of a copper focusing cup. Throughout from that is the anode, a copper slug target with an angled experience to immediate the X-rays perpendicular to the very long axis of the tube. He also incorporated a titanium electrode to develop a getter to scavenge oxygen and nitrogen and enhance the vacuum inside of the tube. All in all, it seems to be rather equivalent to a commercial dental X-ray tube.

The demonstration in the movie under is both equally convincing and terrifying. He doesn’t point out the voltage he’s utilizing throughout the anode, but from the cracking seem we’d guess somewhere all-around 25- to 30 kilovolts. The tube truly will get his Geiger counter clicking.

Here’s hoping [atominik] is having the correct safeguards in the course of these experiments, and that you do far too if you make your mind up to replicate this. You will also likely want to test out our glance at the engineering inside commercial medical X-ray tubes.