November 28, 2022


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Tiny Dongle Brings The Hard Drive’s Song Back To Updated Retrocomputers

Back in the “beige box” times of computing, it was really effortless to convey to what your device was carrying out just by listening to it, due to the fact the hard generate was continuously thrashing the heads back and forth. It was in some cases bothersome, but in no way as irritating as listening to the stream of Geiger counter-like clicks end when you understood it was not accomplished loading a software yet.

That “happy sound” is acquiring more difficult to appear by, even on retro equipment, which increasingly have had their first thrash-o-matic drives replaced with compact flash and other strong-state drives. This HDD sound simulator aims to fill that diagnostic and nostalgic hole on any machine that isn’t fairly clicky sufficient for you. Sadly, [Matthias Werner] provides no make information for his generation, but in between the longish demo video below (by a contented shopper) and the information of the initially model, it’s effortless enough to determine out what’s likely on in this article. An ATtiny and a handful of assist components experience on a tiny PCB together with a piezoelectric speaker. The dongle connects to the challenging drive activity light-weight, which triggers a collection of clicks from the speaker that audio remarkably like a tricky push heading in search of tracks. A demo starts off at 7:09 in the video clip below the pretty brave — or quite nostalgic — could possibly want to test out the total defragmentation that commences at 13:11.

Guaranteed, this just one is perhaps a bit about-the-best, but in the retrocomputing globe, no price is way too superior to spend in the name of nostalgia. And it’s however much from the most preposterous really hard generate activity indicator we’ve found. at?v=zxTtG9wmAFM

Many thanks to [maciek84] for the tip.