January 29, 2023


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Translating And Broadcasting Spoken Morse Code

When the very first radios and telegraph lines were place into support, essentially the only way to communicate was to use Morse code. The first transmitters experienced really inefficient patterns by today’s benchmarks, so this was extra a practical limitation than a option. As the technological innovation advanced there grew to become much less and less reason to use Morse to connect, but a great deal of beginner radio operators nonetheless use this mode together with [Kevin] aka [KB9RLW] who has crafted a circuit which can translate spoken Morse code into a broadcasted Morse radio sign.

The circuit operates by feeding the signal from a microphone into an Arduino. The Arduino listens for a certain threshold and keys the radio when it detects a phrase being spoken. Radio operators use the text “dit” and “dah” for dots and dashes respectively, and the Arduino is not definitely translating the text so significantly as it is sending a signal for the length of nevertheless extended each word requires to say. The software program for the Arduino is provided on the project’s GitHub web site as effectively, and takes advantage of a quantity of strategies to make absolutely sure the keyed signal is as clean as possible.

[Kevin] mentions that this product could be employed by everyone who needs to work a radio in this method who may have problems working with a standard Morse crucial and who does not want to retrain their mind to use other out there devices like a puff straw or a foot vital. The circuit is remarkably clear-cut for what it does, and in the online video below it appears [Kevin] is owning a blast employing it. If you’re nevertheless seeking to learn to “speak” Morse code, although, take a glimpse at this guide which goes into element about it.

Many thanks to [Dragan] for the idea!