January 29, 2023


Best Technology Perfection

Why Can’t We Have Pretty Things?

I was reading [Al Williams]’ fantastic rant on why from time to time the general public adoption of tech moves so gradually, as exemplified by the Japanese Minister of Tech requesting the finish of submissions to the authorities on floppy diskettes. In 2022!

Alongside the way, [Al] details out that we continue to have faith in ballpoint-pen-on-paper signatures much more than electronic kinds. Visualize going to a bank and being capable to open an account with your authentication token! It would be tons a lot more protected, verifiable, and much easier to retail outlet. It will make sense in each individual way. Besides, until you have needed a person for operate, you probably never have a Fido2 (or whichever) token, do you?

Exact goes for signed, or encrypted, e-mail. If you’re a huge cryptography geek, you possibly have a GPG key. You may well even have a mail reader that supports it. But test requesting an encrypted information from a regular man or woman. Or check with them to confirm a signature.

Truthfully, signing and encrypting are effectively both solved difficulties, from a technical standpoint, and for a extended time. But somehow, from a societal place of look at, we’re not even shut but. Public vital encryption dates back to the late 1970’s, and 3.5” diskettes are at minimum a ten years young. Diskettes are now obsolete, but I even now can not sign a lawful doc with my GPG important. What presents?